ORGANIC BIO NPK is a bacteria based bio-fertilizer that?convert Nitrate and insoluble potash and phosphate in the soil into nitrogen, soluble potassium and phosphorus for easier absorption by plants and crops requirement.

Active ingredient:

Organic Bio NPK contains a consortium of micro organisms like Azospirillum sp., Azotobacter sp., Phosphatesolubilizers (Bacillus sp. & Pseudomonas sp.), Potashmobilizing bacteria (Frateuria aurentia), Phosphate?solubilizing yeast, VAM, Sea weed extract, Humic Acid,?Sargasum Wighiti etc.These are highly efficient bacteria that occur naturally in the?soil around plant roots and roots surface. These bacteria Bacillus coagulans, Azospirillums Lipeoferum and?Azotobacter, help produce growth promoting substances like Indole Acetic Acid (IAA), gibberellins and promotes?root proliferation.


Suitable for crops like rice, sugarcane, maize, wheat, barley, sorghum, tumeric, all fruits, vegetables and horticulture plants.


Soil Application: Apply 10 kg./ha after mixing it thoroughly?in well decomposed organic matter.
Seed Treatment: 1 kg. per acre of seeds.


  • It increases the rootlet density and root branching? ?resulting in increased uptake of mineral and water.
  • Plant growth substances like pantothenic acid, thiamine? ?and niacin are produced in large quantities which?improves the overall plant health, growth and yield.
  • Phosphate solubilizers micro organism dissolved fixed phosphate into plant utilizable form.
  • potash mobilizing bacteria mobilizes available potash near the root of the plan.



Available in both powder & liquid form in 1 kg., 5 kg., & 500ml., 1 ltr. packs respectively.